Start Small Program $50


The Flatiron Building has long been a desired Downtown Asheville Office, Retail and Business address. Now available, the Flatiron Start Small Program.  All tenants in the Flatiron are given a mailbox and use of available shared common areas of the Flatiron (including balcony) as a tenant. As a tenant you are the first to receive notices of any new office spaces or business opportunities as they become available and before it hits Craigslist. The Flatiron lease gives small business incentives such as the ability to upgrade without the need for additional deposits. Be part of the historic Flatiron Building the largest group of Small Business owners in Western North Carolina. We are a self-sustainable Business Community.

Start Small Program

  • Mailbox / Mailing address at the Flatiron Building
  • Common Area Amenities
  • Affiliation with 60 plus other small business owner.
  • Once Weekly, bring a business associates get their coffee for free.
  • BETA

Small Business requires business to business contacts and relationships in order create your own sustainable business model.   The Flatiron Small Business Lifestyle makes going to work enjoyable and rewarding. Start your day sipping coffee  from the Flatirons elevated balconies. Enjoy a casual meeting with a business associate or client in one of the Flatirons ten (10) meeting areas.